Training & Implementation

Training & Implementation

We make sure our clients have no concerns about the technical aspect of switching to an automated system. Our experienced technicians will provide a successful implementation for you in the shortest possible time.

Our clients are supplied with all of the necessary installation support required for the system and any potential hardware requirements. ValTouch also identifies and prepares those members of your staff who will play key roles in using the system. An executive coach is also available to work one-on-one with your project manager.

By being there every step of the way, ValTouch ensures that your company will realize the maximum value of your investment. Our application specialists can assist in evaluating your company's policies and procedures dealing with the area of automation being sought. We will then demonstrate how to configure the system with those specific rules and conditions.

Once the system is installed, ValTouch educates your staff on using all the outstanding features included in your investment. Our systems are quick to learn and easy to understand. With ease, your staff will learn and get acquainted with the system, utilize system reports, which in turn will be reflected with their growing efficiency, comfort and confidence.

Now that you have a ValTouch solution running live. We look forward to upholding our relationship with ongoing maintenance and technical support.

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