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ValTouch provides precise end-to-end identification solutions through customization for your Business requirements.ValTouch is specialized in providing Security Solutions based on Smartcard, Biometric and RF/Id technologies to ensure your Security and Business strategies are aligned. ValTouch has a range of Security products and Software solutions with a wide spectrum of functionality, interoperability and scope for customization.

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Card Based Attendance System

  • Intelligate attendance recorder work on various card reading technologies and are designed to cater simpler needs of small and medium sized organisations. It has compact dimensions with sleek aesthetics. It supports Mifare & RFID Auto ID technologies. Intelligate is also available with inbuilt HID prox and iclass readers.


    • Embedded Ethernet network interface for high speed connectivity.
    • Simple operations with easy installation procedure.
    • Small & compact design with sleek aesthetics.
  • Compact Design with high Aesthetics: Boasts of compact and high on aesthetics design suitable for both access control as well as attendance recording.
    Multiple RFID Technologies: Supports all latest RFID technologies with inbuilt EM reader and option of having Mifare/HID iClass/HID Prox.
    Multiple Card Formats: The system supports multiple card formats including HID Prox & HID iClass. It also supports 13.56 Mhz Mifare credentials for CSN as well as sector reading.
    Inbuilt RJ45 Network Interface: Leveraging on the merits of IP based systems, it can easily be hooked up on the existing TCP/IP network. Thus the data can be transferred instantaneously in real time mode to a centralized server.
    Field Upgradable Firmware: Facility to onsite upgrade the firmware over Ethernet interface so that any customization or new version can be easily upgraded without any need of removing the device.
    Anti Pass Back: Door wise anti pass back. Entry to the particular door is allowed only when the employee has exited through the same door.
    Door Interlocking: Facility of door interlocking is available. The system allows creating a group of doors such that access to a door within the group is allowed only when all the other doors are in closed condition.
  • CPU

    8 Bit Microcontroller running at 42 MHz

    Program Memory

    128 Kbytes

    Data Memory

    2Mbytes flash

    Reader Support

    Inbuilt proximity reader (optional Mifare reader /HID Prox/HID iClass) for 1:1 match


    30,000 Card Holders database storage.


    55,000 time stamped events storage capacity


    Non Volatile Real Time Clock Calendar, Data retention for more than 10 years without external power


    16 Character x 2 Line high contrast backlit LCD, LED indication for verification result


    Red & Green LED for pass/ fail indication


    12 Keys Membrane keypad for local programming and PIN Entry


    10 Base-T RJ45 ethernet interface (TCP/IP) with status LED indications

    Reader Interface

    Weigand configurable from 26 bits to 40 bits / Clock Data

    Lock/Siren Interface

    1 Potential Free changeover relay, contact rating 3A/30VDC, supports both fail safe and fail secure type of lock assemblies

    Aux Reader Port

    One reader port is available for exit weigand or clock/data reader

    Digital Inputs

    1 input for exit switch, 1 input for door sensor and 1 general purpose programmable input.

    Digital Ouput

    1 general purpose TTL output for alarm


    Built-in watchdog supervisor

    Supply Requirement

    12VDC / 1A Switch mode supply


    Less than 5 watt


    Plastic housing with sleek aesthetics


    RH 5~95% Non-condensing


    0.32 Kg


    13.2 cm ( L) x 11.0 cm (W) x 3.5 cm (D)

  • Time Zone

    30 user defined time zones

    Access Groups

    90 Access Groups

    Day Access

    Day of the week access

    Week off groups

    30 Week off groups

    Holiday groups

    10 Holiday groups, 30 holidays per group

    Message Display

    Provision to display individual as well as global message

    Anti pass back

    Door wise anti pass back

    Door interlocking

    Door interlocking facility available

  • Product Code



    Attendance recorder with inbuilt proximity reader


    Attendance recorder with inbuilt Mifare reader

    AR800-TCP/HID Prox

    Attendance recorder with inbuilt HID Prox reader

    AR800-TCP/HID iClass

    Attendance recorder with inbuilt HID iClass reader

AUDAC Solution




Coming Soon...


  • Video intercom systems provide consumers with a safe, effective way of determining who is knocking without even having to get up and open the door. A revolutionary leap from those tiny glass peepholes, the video intercom transfers a crystal-clear reflection of visitors on an inside screen and unlike standard video surveillance fare, allows for two-way communication between homeowner and visitor.
    Samsung video intercom systems are great for single family homes, offices, apartment buildings and even residential communities. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and top of the line products at an affordable price. With our Samsung  video intercom systems you never have to wonder who is at your front door again. Not only it gives you and your family piece of mind and extra security, you can also use our products as an in-home intercom system to communicate from room to room with our state of the art monitors. Unlike other companies, we offer a variety of styles and models for you to choose from. Our VD-950 two wire system is a good way to upgrade your existing audio intercom system to a video intercom system eliminating the hassle of re-wiring.
    All of our Samsung  video intercom systems come with instruction manuals and wiring diagrams, and are easy to install. Often, our systems are installed by the customers themselves eliminating the need and cost of contractors and electricians. Our RK system is specifically made for residential use and offers the best value for your money in the market. Not only it increases market value, tenants appreciate the added security it provides them. SAMSUNG  has successfully equipped large apartment buildings within the United States , UK , UAE , INDIA and all over the world. If you are looking for quality, durability, and top of the line merchandise you have found it with Samsung Video Intercom Systems.
  • Samsung Video Intercom System for apartments

    • Aplicable to up to 12 buildings per site
    • 4 lobby stations per site ( outer perimeters)
    • 200 apartments per Building
    • 6 Lobby stations per building
    • 2,400 Apartments per site
    • Outer perimiters lobby stations can have access to all the residents while the lobby stations installed at each building will allow access to the residents of that building only.
    • Built-in camera angle adjustment lever
    • Call button lighting function for night vision
    • RFID card and Password access
    • The entire backbone is one cable CAT5 only.
    • 6 Lobby stations per building
    • 60 Apartments per site
    • Built-in camera angle adjustment lever
    • Call button lighting function for night vision
    • RFID card and Password access
    • The entire backbone is one cable CAT5 only.
  • Design and Installation of Intercom Systems

    An intercom system allows you to talk to a caller at your home or business without having to open the door. This is a very welcome security feature in the home particularly for the elderly and if you have children who tend to open the door to anyone. In offices or business premises an intercom system is essential to prevent unwelcome visitors from entering your building.
    Entry-level intercom systems allow audio communication between the outside call panel and internal handset(s). Where extra reassurance is required our video systems display an image of the caller on the internal handset(s). When the caller has identified themselves as genuine, it is possible to let them in by pressing the lock release button on the handset which will operate an optional electric lock fitted to the main entrance door.
  • Advantages of a audio system for use in the home, small business

    • Low cost and simple to use
    • Allows good quality audio communication between external call panel and internal handset
    • Call panel is available in different styles and finishes and can be flush or flush mounted can be connected to an electric lock to allow callers to enter building

    Advantages of a video system for use in the home, small and medium business premises, office blocks

    • Medium cost
    • Excellent audio communication but with the added benefit of video – you can see who is calling and if you choose to, you can talk to them
    • Monochrome and colour monitor options
    • Discrete video camera built into call panel that is available in various styles and finishes lock release options

    Advantages of a digital system

    • Multi user system for apartments and large office blocks
    • Available in audio, video or mixed audio and video options
    • Multiple entrance call panel support
    • Integrated digital code keypad options for keyless entry
    • Flexible system design
    • Seamless integration with access control system for use with existing door locks, pedestrian gates electric gates etc.