Cosec Palm Vein Reader

  • Biometric devices used for access control and time-attendance helps to enhance security and productivity of an organization. However, most of them have to compromise between the security it offers and convenience it provides. The compromise could be on having lower accuracy, higher rejection ratio, needing physical contact, hygiene concern and possibility of copying the biometric pattern.
    COSEC DOOR PVR is a highly secure and contactless biometric device that works by reading the vascular pattern of the palm. These patterns are unique to each individual and exists underneath the skin layer so they cannot be forged thereby making it more secure than any other biometric device. Being contactless and technologically advanced, it is appropriate for places like hospitals, chemical industries, nuclear stations, factories, corporate houses, R&D centers, financial institutes and many others where security and hygiene cannot be compromised.
  • Features :
    • Hi-tech Palm Vein Reader
    • Access Control and Time-Attendance
    • Built-in Wi-Fi Module
    • 3G, 2G, GSM and CDMA Connectivity
    • 20,000 Palm Templates
    • 1,00,000 Events Buffer
    • Ethernet and USB Interface
    • Dot Matrix lcd and Touch Sense Keypad
    • Support RFID Card and PIN
    • 1:1, 1:N and 1:G Verification
    • Detachable Hand Guide
    Benefits :
    • Highly Secured for Access Control Application
    • Higher Authentication Accuracy
    • Cannot be Forged
    • Contactless Design Minimizes Hygiene Concerns and Psychological Resistance
  • Credential Support

    Card, Palm Vein & PIN

    User Capacity


    Templates per User

    Up to 2

    Palm Template Capacity

    20,000 Templates

    Cards per User

    2 (Any Type)

    Type of Card

    Smart and Proximity

    LCD (128x64 Dot-Matrix)


    Touch Sense Keys (16)


    Verification Method

    1:1, 1:N and 1:G

    Events Buffer


    Wireless Connectivity

    Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, GPRS, CDMA


    2 Ports



    Communication Speed

    10/100Mbps on Ethernet

    Tamper Detection




    LED Indication

    4 LEDs (Status, Alarm, Allowed and Denied)

    External Reader

    1 Port for Card Reader

    External Reader Interfaces

    RS-232 and Wiegand

    External Reader Power


    Exit Switch Port


    Door Status Sense

    Programmable NO, NC, Supervised

    Door Lock Relay

    Relay SPDT, Form C, 1A@30VDC

    Door Lock Power

    Internal 12VDC@0.5A or External

    Auxiliary Input Port

    Programmable NO, NC, Supervised

    Auxiliary Output Relay

    Relay SPDT, Form C, 1A@30VDC


    1 GHz ARM Cortex A-8 based processor


    256MB Flash + 512MB DDR3 RAM

    Input Power


    Dimensions (WхHхD)

    100×220×55mm (3.9”х8.7”х2.2”)


    0.49Kg (1.07Lbs)


    -100 C to +500C (140F to 1220F), 5% to 95% RH Non-Condensing