Time & Attendance System

Time & Attendance Systems

Time Is Money. Lost minutes and hours results in lost money for businesses. In this competitive marketplace, you cannot leave any stone unturned to be a winner.

At ValTouch, we do understand your concerns and efforts to tap this leak. We have complete range of solutions to meet your requirements.


A Time and Attendance software from ValTouch delivering precisely what matters to you with simplicity. It can be bundled with any hardware of your choice* OR can be used independent of any hardware device!

Depending on your work environment, business requirements and business constraints, you have a choice to choose a Time & Attendance solution which is based on Software only or to choose from a range of hardware based Time & Attendance solutions provided by ValTouch. We respect your choice and the method you choose to track and minimize your employee work time leakage.

ValTime comes with a bundle of features apart from being professionally built, user friendly, yet providing what you need in particular.

Main Features:

  • Total Number of Hours Worked with an ability to consider employee break times
  • In and Out time report
  • Missing Punch Report
  • Overtime Reports
  • Manual Punch Option
  • Daily Report
  • Date Range Report
  • Multiple Company and Department Support
  • Real Time Calculation and Reporting
  • Foxpro, SQL and Oracle Database Support
  • Unlimited Number of Employees


Lost minutes and lost money can really affect your business negatively. So, you may ask how can my company track time and save money. In order to better understand how time and attendance directly affects your bottom line, it is important to ask yourself the following questions.

Why do I need a Time & attendance solution from ValTouch for my company?

Simply said, to bring in Time & efficiency followed by money.

How can I get more Time to my Company?

Time is money. You could be losing more than 10% of your payroll through the following forms of time theft:

  • Late arrivals or early departures
  • Taking long lunch hours and breaks
  • Requesting paid sick days for inappropriate reasons
  • Slowing down the work pace to create overtime
  • Excessive socializing and personal telephone calls
  • Handling personal business while at work
  • Using Company time and facilities to operate other business

Time theft is not confined to any one type of person or industry. It applies to both white collar and blue-collar employees in every type of business, institution, profession, and governmental agency.

How does Time & Attendance solution from ValTouch benefit my Company?

Although reducing time theft is the key feature to a time and attendance product, it is not the only benefit. Time and Attendance products have helped businesses various factors including:

  • Increase production,
  • Eliminate disputes regarding pay,
  • Accelerate payroll preparation,
  • Enforce work schedule,
  • Provide records for opening and closing times at branch stores.


Reduce costs associated with clerical errors - Studies indicate a higher than expected rate of human error in data manipulation. Eliminating these problems practically can yield a positive return on investment (ROI) in less than five months.

Reduce payroll processing costs - You save two ways by automating your processes.

  • First, when your time and attendance solution interfaces with your payroll system (e.g. QuickBooks, Tally etc.), you can prepare payroll faster and with less manual intervention, producing substantial cost savings for your business.
  • Second, automated processing frees your supervisors from clerical time-keeping tasks, allowing them to focus on more productive work.

Reduce “Time theft” - A recent survey shows, more than 21% of employees admitted to cheating on their timesheets. Many businesses report a reduction of up to 90% in “time theft” when they start using a time tracking system that automatically records employees’ arrival and departure times instead of relying on handwritten records.

Eliminate “buddy punching” and increase security - Biometric fingerprint and hand measurement devices are available to verify employee identity prior to recording a time punch, thus eliminating costly “buddy punching.” This can potentially save your organization up to 20% of your payroll costs. With Time and attendance systems, this positive identification can also be tied to access control devices that limit entry to sensitive areas.

Increase revenue with accurate job costing - Many organizations charge their clients by the hour for services rendered. Others rely on job costing to determine the final price or standard cost variance of their products. The accurate and detailed employee work data available with a properly-configured time and attendance system can help insure your products are correctly priced and your clients are billed for all time expended on their behalf. This results in increased revenue.